Why do cool Roof Restoration?

Go Green Roofing provides Acrylic, Silicone and Urethane restoration roof coating. These coatings are more affordable than a complete reroof and an ideal maintenance option. Additional benefits include:

Minimal disruption to your business

This process is much faster than a full re-roof and will have minimal impact to your business

Keeps your building cooler

Reducing energy consumption, costs, and increases indoor comfort

Increases your roofs lifespan

Prevents deterioration from the sun’s harmful UV rays

Seemless and eco-friendly

Proactive solution and effective as a water proofing strategy

What are the costs of cool roof restoration?

The costs of using the cool roof coating system can vary widely depending on the quality of coating and size of the facility. This solution is significantly more cost effective than a complete roof replacement and the ideal maintenance option.

Go Green Roofing and Insulation is Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Tahoe area leaders in Green Roofing Solutions.

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